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Application for approval as a 5-15 user*
* A “user” here means a professional using the 5-15 form in her work.

The 5-15 (FTF/Five To Fifteen) is a questionnaire developed in the Nordic countries with a view to mapping difficulties in children and adolescents aged 5 to 15. The areas covered include motor function, attention/executive function, language, memory, learning, social skills, internalizing and externalizing behavior problems. The norms are based on ratings from parents. The results from the 5-15 have to be looked at in the context of other information from interviews, history, medical and psychological testing, and direct observation.

To be approved as a professional user of 5-15, one has to specify professional competence and use of the instrument. In addition, general ethical and professional guidelines have to be accepted and adhered to. The majority of users are psychologists, medical doctors or educators at a corresponding educational level working in services such as school health, school psychology service, community paediatrics, habilitation or psychiatry. Through education and work accepted users have gained knowledge of normal and abnormal development. In addition one needs to be familiar with basic statistical concepts in order to interpret the test results, and be aware of limitations as well as possibilities of this type of instrument.

It is recommended that users of the instrument are part of a professional team. It is important that the professional team has the necessary competence for interpretation and use of the test results, including tables and graphs. Sometimes, professional counseling from a more experienced, external user is a good option.

The information gained from 5-15 is confidential and regulated by laws related to client confidentiality and routines for handling sensitive information.

Usernames and passwords are personal. If a password is shared with a colleague for viewing cases, you are yourself responsible and must monitor the use. Passwords must be changed regularly.

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